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Culture & Accountability

How Can We Do Better?

At Atlas Aquaculture, we put thought, sweat and heart into what we do. We are not afraid to ask ourselves hard questions: Why do we do what we do? Are there parts of our process that are adding to the problem? How can we, collectively and individually, be more sustainable?

Can we do better? We’d like to think so. And we want to be accountable with you, our consumers about our practices and how we want to improve. After all, being consumers ourselves, we value honesty and transparency.

Below are some way we hope to do better in our farm.


Energy Consumption

Although our energy consumption is relatively low for our farm size, in the coming years we hope to use solar power as our main source of energy.


More Sustainable Packaging

This is an ongoing conversation as we source for packaging that generates the least carbon footprint. As a rule of thumb, we try to minimise the amount of materials we use in our packaging.


Electric Vehicles

At the moment, our forklift and vehicles run on diesel. Eventually, we hope to convert all our vehicles to electric ones.

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