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Planet, People, and Governance

At Atlas Aquaculture, we put thought, sweat and heart into what we do. We are not afraid to ask ourselves hard questions: Why do we do what we do? Are there parts of our process that are adding to the problem? How can we, collectively and individually, be more sustainable?

Can we do better? We’d like to think so. And we want to be accountable with you, our consumers about our practices and how we want to improve. After all, being consumers ourselves, we value honesty and transparency.

With UN's Sustainable Development Goals as the starting point, here are some ways we hope to do better in, and also strive to live by -

Image by Naja Bertolt Jensen


Atlas Aquaculture was born out of a desire to do something about marine life after years of being in the public aquarium industry. We recognise that we are a steward of nature and we intend to live right by it.

  1. Put out carbon or sustainability reports yearly

  2. Eliminate production of harmful pollutants and use of chemicals

  3. Lower greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption

  4. Treat animals humanely and respectfully

  5. Implement renewable energy sources, ie Solar Power

  6. Harvest rainwater

  7. Build an effluent waste recovery system

  8. Explore ways make our packaging more sustainable

  9. Convert our vehicles into electric ones


We grow fish for human consumption; that is a lot of trust - given and received - that we strive to never take for granted. We recognise the privilege of working with some of the most passionate humans we know, and we are committed to ensuring their safety and wellbeing. 

  1. Operate an ethical supply chain

  2. Practise inclusion & celebrate diversity

  3. Implement policies to protect employees’ health & safety

  4. Implement policies to protect customers’ data & privacy

  5. Practice consistent corporate social responsibility

  6. Fair wages for all employees

  7. Uphold labour standards

AA Team.jpg
AA Farm Tables

& a seat at the table

Being in the food fish industry that may not have the best reputation when it comes to labour, environment, and general practices, we strive to do things differently, respectfully, and responsibly.

Seat at the Table.png
  1. Practise diversity in board composition

  2. Upkeep strong internal system of controls, practices, and procedures

  3. Uphold accountability in leadership

  4. Commit to industry’s best practices

  5. Embrace corporate transparency

  6. A strong stand against bribery and corruption

  7. Keep consistent dialogue with SFA

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