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Pre-Series A Funding Round

It is with great pleasure that we announce the successful closure of our Pre-Series A funding round. It was an exciting time for our company to explore various avenues for expansion, and comforting to know that there is significant interest in both the industry as well as comprehensive sustainability.

The inclusion of 8 Seas Aquaculture is a significant announcement for the industry, both locally and abroad. 8 Seas has a significant stake in a range of aquaculture assets in various regions. In addition to this, they have a depth of talent the likes of which is unrivalled. While this is all well and good, what draws our two companies together is the fundamental commitment to driving sustainability.

What does this mean for the industry at large? Atlas has established a strong reputation for advanced engineering and automation, showcasing Singapore’s first fully sustainable aquaculture facility, and now is the right time to bring this technology to the region, and beyond. This is where 8 Seas comes in. We are very excited to be able to work with our regional partners to transform the way in which Aquaculture is undertaken.

In a recent interview, our CEO told reporters

While Singapore is at the forefront of Aquaculture technology, it means nothing to the industry as a whole unless we can transfer this technology to other industry players. The sad truth is that our region is well known for producing the majority of seafood products to the world, but its practices are unfortunately also well known for environmental degradation, toxic waste, and appalling workforce treatment. The industry is crying out for change, and we are uniquely positioned to provide this change.

The biggest message for this partnership is watch this space. Over the next 12 months we will be releasing snippets of information on our;

  • closed loop hatchery, the first of its kind to produce unrivalled quality fry and fingerlings, genetically superior, removing the necessity for vaccinations and antibiotics.

  • Advanced super-intensive grow out systems. Incorporating AI/ML removing the need for human interaction.

  • Expansion into the Shrimp industry, with our Patent Pending waste free recirculating designs.


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